Updating schema

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This update is usually performed by NSM connecting to an Internet-connected secure server.

Your version number should be the version of Drupal times 1000.i am using hue 3.7 , CDH 5.3.1 , i created a schema on solr using hue , and want to edit this schema , i searched for the file but i couln't find it at all also tried to look in zoo keeper configuration in cloudera manager but didn't find any thing as well, so how can i edit an exisiting schema in solr ?As in previous versions of Drupal, you can update database tables for new versions using a hook_update_N() function.Note that when you create a hook_update_N() function, you should add a documentation header to the function, whose first line concisely describes the update(s) to be performed.This documentation will be displayed to the user when running

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