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However, instead of returning Kiera to the future, Alec uses the device to save the life of his girlfriend, Emily (Magda Apanowicz).

His actions set into motion a chain of events that lands Kiera in her predicament with the Freelancers.

is a Canadian show about women working in munitions factories in Toronto during World War II.

If she can’t be popular, Lorna can at least stop other people’s fun. The only daughter in a wealthy Rosedale family, Gladys’s privilege has made her fearless, with a boundless — some might say reckless — appetite for life.

I thought, ‘OK, she’s gotten herself in a real pickle this time, and I don’t quite know how this is all going to unfold and resolve itself.’ Then, of course, I later received the script for the third season opener and it became quite clear how it was going to work out, but that’s one of the things I like about this show.

They can put my character in a glass cubicle with the gang from Liber8 and every other time traveler, including Crazy Jason [Ian Tracey] and yet somehow Kiera manages to get herself out of that predicament in a completely convincing way.”, Kiera’s present day teen ally, Alec Sadler (Eric Knudsen) – who ironically grows up to mastermind the technical advancements that shape her world in 2077 – manages to repair the time travel device he had been working on.

Not only did the cancellation hurt the show’s stories, but it left behind a devastated fanbase.

has fans all over the world that relate to these characters and want to see their stories unfold.

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