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While much attention has been paid to the murals that display scenes of everyday life, as well as elaborate sacrificial rituals, relatively few scholarly studies have investigated the subset of Moche ceramics that portray deities, skeletons, humans, and animals, engaged in a wide variety of sexual acts.

According to News OK, the judge showed Pierce leniency because he cooperated in the investigation and prosecution of Billings., transgenders and transsexuals (CSMT) is usually represented as a dangerous practice carried out on the streets by people experiencing economic hardship and social exclusion.However, in reality little is known about the complexities of this practice in Peru.Imposition of regulatory measures, such as vigorous ID checks, drove the trafficking trade out to the La Pampa area, bringing along rape, contract killing and extortion.There were 2,241 reported cases of human trafficking between 20, and 889 in 2015 alone.

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