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And he was one of those noble Jewish types who, thinskinned and open to harm, lives in an immaculate glass world of the spirit and lacks the capacity themselves to do harm.”1The suicide set off a surge of emotion and a variety of reactions.When he made The Spiders, Lang had clearly been under the immediate influence of Louis Feuillade’s serials, with their secret criminal organisations and insidious masterminds at the centre of an international web of intrigue. Mabuse, the Gambler, Lang developed that world into something deeper and richer. Mabuse became one (or, rather, two) of the most legendary works of the silent era, properly defining Lang’s artistry not only in its moment, but for the next 40 years, as he returned to the film’s evil genius twice more, each at a crucial moment in his career, including his swan song.Luxembourg writer Norbert Jacques’ novel provided Lang and Von Harbou with a template for a new take on Feuillade’s semi-surreal universe, as Jacques had taken Arthur Conan Doyle’s Professor Moriarty and evolved him from the hero’s sketchy antagonist and mirror into a major protagonist, even antihero, overshadowing the law enforcers who chase him.German Font Shop-sponsored site listing the hundred best fonts of all times, compiled by a jury in 2007. His type designs are based on historical letterforms: Augsburger Initialen and Augsburger Schrift (2001), an art nouveau pair found in Ludwig Petzendorfer's Treasury of authentic art nouveau alphabets, decorative initials, monograms, frames and ornaments (1984, Dover).There is a lot of good information about each of the fonts mentioned. Augsburger Schrift is originally due to Peter Schnorr (1901, Berthold). Freak, based on Bamboo (1889, The Great Western Type Foundry).

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