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# Income-Tax # Family law # Company Law # Constitutional Law # Partnership firms # Immigration Law # Cyber Law # Lok Adalat, legal Aid & PIL # Forms # Trademarks # Woman issues # Medico Legal # Consumer laws # Criminal laws # Supreme Court Judgments Among Hindu marriage is a necessary “samaskar”, a holy sacramental union, even emphasized by modern statutory law.The man is incomplete without his wife, she is ardhangini. The wife has been described as “A wife is the very source of Purushartha not only of dharma, artha and kama but also moksha.Codification is the process of bringing together a legislative act and all its amendments in a single new act.The new act passes through the full legislative process and replaces the acts being codified.The author here tries to adumbrate, tress the evolution, justify married women’s right over the spouse’s property including the marital home acquired through modes other than natural succession in the light of modern laws, Constitution and jurisprudence.Conglomeration of statutes before enactment of Constitution and Hindu Succession Act Before enactment of Constitution and Hindu Succession Act, married women had limited ownership in the property in the form of 1) stridhana, earned by employing her labour and skill or property gifted during marriage. 2) Estate acquired through succession or through instruments, partition, with life interest, where there was no right of alienation except in legal necessity as for example legal requirement for self or for the need of the heir of last legal owners or use for religious purpose or for benefit of the estate.

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An example of a recast is Directive 2006/48/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 June 2006 relating to the taking up and pursuit of the business of credit institutions (recast).Consolidation is one of our statutory functions under the Law Commissions Act 1965.We have been responsible for over 200 consolidation Bills that have become Acts since 1965.On the basis of that text a complete new act is prepared combining the original act and the successive amendments without any further substantive changes.That new act must pass through all the stages of the legislative process, although an accelerated procedure has been agreed by the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission.

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