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Finding someone to love is more than discovering a person who shares your sense of humor.

It’s about finding a person who really, truly identifies with the core of who you are–and living in Birmingham plays a huge part in that.

"I'd been to hundreds of concerts you know but I never felt so at ease getting up and dancing and enjoying myself. And that was it." Jennings would go on to attend and photograph around 150 Grateful Dead concerts, she estimates now.

After graduating from Alabama in 1989, she moved to Philadelphia to manage a photography company.

I'm a very outgoing, loving, passionate woman and would want the same. IVE NEVER BEEN MARRIED BUT HAVE BEEN IN A COUPLE OF LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS WITH WOMEN. LOOKING FOR A PARTNER COMPANION OR MAYBE JUST A FRIEND. I like to have fun, be it shopping, hanging out, theme parks, traveling. There are very few high school students who haven’t been touched by the power from the pen of Harper Lee, whose Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel placed her forever in the halls of great Alabamians.Her home in Monroeville is farther south, but her influence has gone world-wide.Dating a Millionaire: Find love in Alabama Popularly known as the “Heart of Dixie”, Alabama is definitely the gem of the South.Although other states may try and claim this title, there is definitely something charming about the town.

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