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As expected in a slice of life series the girls go about their lives doing ordinary things with a few more dramatic moments towards the end.This is a fun enough series although I suspect it will ultimately prove fairly forgettable amongst all the other similar series.An anime television series produced by Silver Link aired in Japan between October and December 2014.There are also five manga adaptations based on the game, and a Play Station Vita spin-off game was released in November 2015.

After all its so much better to have sex with your mobile phone instead of going out there and maybe meet, I don't know, real girls?!

・Choose from 11 different personalities to complete change the way she talks and behaves!

・A walk-in closet with 14 different customizable slots!

・Romantic interaction for guys, and fashion fun for girls, too!

Slice of life series following a group of high school girls are two a penny; each usually has its own gimmick though; in this case it is the inclusion of French exchange student Chloe Lemaire.

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