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Their explanation: The people who show up there are the people you have interacted with most with on Facebook (the past month and a half) – taking into account a few other factors like photos you’ve been tagged in together and how long you’ve been friends and who they think you might like to reconnect with.(In more detail here) It’s all based on public interaction.

If you want to live happily ever after with the biker of your choice, there are several things you can do to increase your odds… Pat has to lever me off the seat with a crowbar when we get to the end of a ride. Some would rather spend quality time cleaning the cat’s litter tray than go riding with you.And before you know it, while you forgot to think about it, the law of attraction that magnetically attracts to yourself more of what you are, begins to parade potential partners before your eyes! Many of my relationship coaching clients have spent years searching, sometimes frantically for the one who would light up their lives and fulfill their dreams of security and belonging.Little did they know that once they connected within themselves, finding the right person to compliment what was already “going on” inside, was much easier than they thought.You don’t need a man to bring you flowers to fall in love; you only need a rosebush on your walk to work to remind you that the entire universe is in love with you, as you love yourself.Find Yourself: A lifelong exploration and source of endless joy, insight and personal satisfaction.

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