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As I recall it now, 25 years later, the conversation seemed more focused on fallopian tubes, ovaries, and the mechanics of reproduction (which I already knew about) than on the real issues in my head: cute boys, love, feeling good.Findings also suggest that sex offenders are more likely to target individuals with mental health problems (Campbell, Keegan, Cybulska, & Forster, 2007; Creighton & Jones, 2012).... In terms of ethnicity the women were 54% European American, 19% Latina, 21% African American, 1% Asian American, 2% as multi-ethnic, 1% Native American, and 2% did not indicate ethnicity.Methods: The women were split into small groups of no more than four and seated behind a privacy screen to ensure confidentiality.Contrary to common beliefs, perpetrators of sexual assault are rarely strangers, but whom the victims know and trust (Eichenberg, Becker-Fischer, & Fischer, 2010; Mason & Lodrick, 2013).It is crucial to note that for sexual assault to occur, it does not necessarily involve violent force (Mason & Lodrick, 2013).

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