Error updating firmaware to extreme

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assumes no responsibility for any damages caused by improper operations of downloading or updating the BIOS.Before you download or update the BIOS, please read " (How to Update)" below carefully.Note: If you already have the SSD Dashboard installed, then please update to the latest version of the SSD Dashboard application before performing the firmware update for the Extreme.You do not have to uninstall the previous version of the SSD Dashboard; the latest version will replace the previous version.: - Improved TRIM Latency, TRIM Performance, Background Garbage Collection, Error Handling and Power Management - Fixed the normalized value calculation for SMART Attribute "Power-On Hours".

When I started using USBasp (a great programmer for AVRs), I soon realized that the avrdude (the software for driving USBasp) is not much usable.

The e Xtreme Burner- AVR has full graphical user interface (GUI) and can be used much more easily.

AVR series of MCU supports several types of clock sources for various applications.

Briefly the light goes green, then off, then stays stuck on amber. I think the bootloader must checksum the main image before booting from it, and automatically falls back to the recovery image if the checksum fails.

I did several factory resets, unplugging, plugging in while holding down the reset button, and although it blinks amber rapidly, as it's supposed to, it won't go through the full boot process. It sounds like in your case that checksumming or fallback isn't working, so it's just failing to boot in a way Apple didn't expect. It's possible that due to flash bit rot or cosmic rays, your recovery image became corrupted in flash at some point, and you've never needed it until now.

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