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And to help out our recent crop of new players, Id like to direct their attention to a few helpful links and notices that will help make your time at Narfell pleasant and enriching.First off is the New Adventurers Inn Index, which can be quickly accessed through the following link: New Adventurer's Index Which include an index of quick links to everything from server rules, explanations of the type of HCR rule set used at Narfell, tips for role players new and old as well as contact information for the staff of Narfell.- Sethan Chronicle of 1499, the Year of the Desperate Gambit Forward It is no secret that this year in Narfells history fascinates me.Many would assume it is simply because I lived through this time of turmoil. DM Loquacious, also known as Zyphlin, has taken over the task of getting Narfell's name out there on the server lists for NWN.But the next Wednesday as we finished up our guitar lesson and drinks, Kelli said, “I would like to try something tonight.I would like a spanking.” I looked at her and asked, “Were you spanked as a child?

My thanks to my friend David, without whom the move would have taken far longer.

Kelli’s sex life before starting her change, had been pretty basic with the few girls that she had slept with and she had said that she never considered herself good in bed.

I, on the other hand, had pretty much done it all with the opposite sex including some Master and sub play.

” Kelli answered, “No, and I am pretty sure that this is going to hurt.” With a chuckle I replied, “Well it won’t be an ass massage, that’s for sure, but can I ask why?

Narfell is now on a new web host, since our old host, Hostmonster, blamed our site for lagging their servers.

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