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Much of this will be done through our Coordinated Community Care Response Team (C3RT) which is comprised of representatives from several Student Affairs and Academic Affairs offices across campus.The bulk of the C3RT work will be done through subcommittees that will meet throughout the year, and anyone working for or attending SIUe may join those subcommittees.On the heels of our previous blog entry on sexual assault for April, which is sexual assault awareness month, we have good news from a new SIUE staff member whose job is entirely focused on this and related issues. She has kindly provided her contact information at the bottom in case you want to get ahold of her. SIUe competed for and was awarded the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) grant in October 2016, allowing us to create the Prevention Education and Advocacy Center (PEACe) and hire a program coordinator: myself, Samantha Dickens.

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Therefore we will stand by you through thick and thin and will always be there in time of need. They've got beautiful almond shaped eyes, strong jaw lines, luscious lips, and deep olive skin.We are spreading our net wide to work from a socioecological model and an intersectional lens, incorporating multiple organizations and departments into the curriculum that we are building to provide peer education training to students.In order to have a comprehensive gender-based violence (GBV) prevention curriculum, we know that it is vital to work with student organizations across campus, including fraternity and sorority life, athletics, international students, Disability Support Services, and Safe Zone among many others.The best part about it is we gets better as time goes by.We take care of ourselves and look just as beautiful at 45 than we do at 25.

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